Why is detoxification such a relevant topic today? Why is this topic so important now? Our ancestors did not consider detoxification as an important part of their health regimens. What has happened in our world that makes detoxification a significant and perhaps necessary contribution to modern health regimens? Or is it even needed since the body does its own detoxification? There seems to be two dissenting camps with adamant opinions on both sides. What could possibly be causing the animosity and disharmony?

These questions and even more rattled through our brains as we began to research the topic of Detoxification and TERRAMIN’s role, if any, in this process. We believe that TERRAMIN does contribute to the process of detoxifying, but we needed to find out the nuts and bolts of detoxification. It was quite interesting what we discovered. In a way, what we discovered provides a backdrop for what is happening today in health care, our own and that which is managed by others.

two camps of thought involving the subject of human detoxification

With the first few articles we read it was pretty clear that there are decidedly two camps of thought involving the subject of human detoxification. It was surprising to see that both camps have polar opposite thoughts. Also it was a bit of puzzlement to find that each side took absolute positions on the subject and are very vocal in their beliefs. It is not that neither side disbelieves in detoxification. No, it is more than that. One side says the body does it alone, no supplements. The other side says supplement all the time.


One camp believes adamantly that detoxification is a totally natural function of the body and our bodies need no help in performing this function flawlessly. The body goes through continuous daily detoxifying cycles and there are organs in our bodies designed specifically to filter and eliminate toxins. Is it wise to think that eating good food and exercise is all that one needs and trust that the body’s natural processes will always do their jobs , even as we age? The proponents on this side may not be considering the devastation of soil erosion and the resulting lack of micro and trace minerals in our food sources. They may not be thinking about the importance of these mineral nutrients for our body’s filter organs and cells to function at their best.

 detoxification is a totally natural function

supplement is needed to assist the natural body

The second camp believes that the use of a supplement is needed to assist the natural body actions used to shed unwanted and unhealthy toxins. This group points to a variety of supplemental products, ranging from herbs, baths, massage, certain fruits and veggies, exercise, patches, water, brown rice, liver stimulation, kidney rinsing, smoothie cleanse, juice cleanse, coffee , fiber and the list goes on and on. All of these may be sound advice, but can we be sure that any will cause the filter organs and cells in our body to work better in their detoxification jobs?


Each credible supplemental product or action may make good sense in its own right. Perhaps the better question is, why do the two diverse lines of thought about the proper detoxification method feel their way is the best way and sometimes believe it is the only way? Is there no middle ground? Are these two groups driven by facts or agendas? It is up to each of us to make up our own minds.

The advocate for, "no detoxification" present a litany of anti-statements. Their statements, found on Wikipedia proclaim (we paraphrase) Those who believe they are receiving any benefit by detoxification from any supplement are either , not telling the truth, are experiencing a placebo effect, or suffering from some psychosomatic or neurotic episode. All supplemental products and methods are not necessary and it is only pseudoscience that is used to explain the benefits of these methods. Supplementing detoxification is a total waste of time and money.

This group’s explanation of the popularity of supplements for detoxification is based on the lack of a negative reaction from those in the know, rather than the user’s own experiences. Pretty strong and definitely one sided thinking. It makes one wonder what this group is trying to protect, the patient or their own agendas? It appears that these advocates represent several Medical groups, proclaiming that patient experiences do not matter. To them, what seems to matters are only the opinions of their group. The aggressive approach really makes us wonder, what is the, "real agenda" of this group?

detoxification is based on the lack of a negative reaction
detoxification for healthy body

Those that believe in the importance of supplementation for detoxification take the stance that the world is not perfect. People are unique and people should take responsibility for themselves. It is ok to look for therapies outside of a system dedicated to "treating symptoms". There are many real reasons to consider something to assist our body in detoxification, based on the environmental influences that can overrun a body’s ability to detoxify on its own. Mankind is not genetically wired to handle all the toxicity we are forced to deal with on a daily basis. Maybe, in less industrial times, man’s body could handle detoxification on its own. But can that be realistic today in our toxic environs?


Today’s environment is full of new toxic opportunities. The processed food we eat is nearly void of nutrition, GMO food influence is creating a chemical hodge-podge in our bodies. The effects of over-population create stresses on the environment and our food and water sources. Nuclear proliferation deals a hefty blow to our search for health. Polluted waters create a need for more chemicals for "safe" consumption. Insecticides are getting stronger and pesticides are prolific. The worldwide reach for weather control has us doused daily by silver oxide at alarming levels, holes in our ozone,x-rays, cell phones, computers, radiation from many areas, and diminished air quality assail us daily. Unfortunately, Mankind does not treat our precious environment using long term human reaction as a gauge.

GMO food influence is creating a chemical hodge-podge in our bodies

The only issue the two dissident sides agree upon is that detoxification is critical and a thorough detoxification needs to happen on a daily basis, otherwise toxins build up and many health issues follow.

Which side presents the best advice? After all, our bodies are made to detoxify themselves, why is a supplement or supplemental measures needed to accomplish this natural process? It does not matter which is right or wrong in their hugely different viewpoints, for both point to the same conclusion. Our bodies have to detoxify to have any quality of health and ultimately, for a healthy, quality longevity.

GMO foods

Maybe both sides on the detoxification issue could combine their thinking for the good of everyone. No matter what we do to assist our bodies in its natural detoxification processes, the wrong fuel and plugged filters will eventually wear out our systems. If we fail to exercise regularly and continue to feed ourselves processed and GMO foods and even organic foods grown in a mineral deficient soil, we are hindering our body’s natural detoxification process. Perhaps it is better to consider our modern environment when considering if our natural body functions can truly handle the load.


Sadly, if we fail to realize the toxins in our environment are at levels no body can filter naturally, without some assistance. Environmental toxins combined with toxins in our food and prescription drugs are an impossible load for our body. It is not built to handle this load. When our natural filters fall behind in removing these toxins, a build-up occurs and health rapidly declines. Many modern diseases that describe conditions of aches, pains, soreness, lack of energy or stamina could be the result of a natural filter system running at peak capacity and still unable to keep up. Treat the cause, not the symptom is a reasonable approach. If supplementation works for you, do it, assist your body. Use your own good judgment to select the source.

weak natural filter system

Is it possible that the knowledge that our body filters will eventually clog is the agenda of those proponents that advise us to "let your body do its own thing"? The AMA, Insurance Companies, and big Pharma all thrive when we cannot heal ourselves and in today’s super toxic environment, our bodies will welcome any credible assistance that many detoxification supplements clearly deliver. Providing assistance to the filtering organs and cells should be our focus with any supplement. Feed yourself with the best food you can afford, exercise daily and add a supplement that provides the proper fuel to your filtering system.

Our agenda is a natural path, finding long term solutions for our own uniqueness, whenever possible, assist your body using natural products. Stay away from those with the, “take a pill” attitude. We are wise to supplement our natural body filters by providing them with the mineral nutrients each one needs to operate at peak performance. TERRAMIN is a detoxifier because it provides the minerals to these filters. Kidneys, Liver, Appendix, pancreas, intestinal tract, colon, lungs and skin. It boosts the engine power of our bodies and strengthens the natural body detoxification systems by providing mineral nutrients.

TERRAMIN fuels the rest of our organs with the micro and trace minerals with which they operate optimally. When our organs do not have access to optimal trace nutrients, it will take in Iron from all sources. This can produce a condition where organs operate with diminished functionality. When our organs get the proper mineral nutrition, excess iron, mercury, cesium and other heavy metals can be shed. The natural body detoxification elements are assisted naturally by receiving micro and trace mineral nutrients no longer available outside of ancient sources.

TERRAMIN helps our bodies in achieving an optimal health balance because of the huge variety of absorbable minerals it contains and its negative ionic charge elimination process. TERRAMIN’s strong Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) and its giant surface area allow our bodies to shed the positively charged toxins, pathogens and bacteria.

TERRAMIN’s micron sized particles provides the boost that makes our organs thrive. This mineral supplement in combination with the best diet you can afford, frequent exercise, good drinking water and avoidance of known harmful substances assists all the natural detoxification filters and systems to function with improved performance. This works best when we take responsibility for and truly care about our own health. We know we can contribute our best, only when we feel our best. Families and jobs and personal passions all benefit from the power of love, for ourselves, our families, our environment and others with whom we share this pale blue dot in our Universe, called Earth.

TERRAMIN's provides the boost that makes our organs thrive

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