TERRAMIN® is packaged in a variety of styles and sizes. Packaged in jars containing either tablets or caplets that provide the same great health benefits that you have come to expect from our all-natural Premium Calcium Montmorillonite Clay in powder form. Tablets and Caplets are a recent innovation. They provide a form that is more convenient when traveling or for busy folks always on the go. Sized just right so you are able to take the same dosage as recommended in powder form. No mixing is required. Take at any time that fits your schedule. Take your dosage using an eight ounce glass of good water and drink it fully for maximum efficiency. Look for TERRAMIN in these light durable jars, ideally suited for travel.

terramin tablett
treeamin caplet

treeamin Powder jar
treeamin Powder pouch
treeamin powder box 20lb
treeamin powder box 50lb

It will not matter which size you use nor what form. Both TERRAMIN Powder and TERRAMIN tablets & Caplets deliver the same proven results. TERRAMIN is a choice made by discerning clay advocates since 1946. Two great health benefits are provided by using this all-natural, Premium Montmorillonite Clay. Two Benefits in One on the label tells you that you will receive two benefits, Detoxification and Mineralization. Become an advocate, take charge of your own health decisions and choose TERRAMIN as your daily health supplement. TERRAMIN is a great way to invest in your health.

TERRAMIN provides a great variety and ration of minerals, has a strong negative ionic charge (CEC), micron sized particles and a fully formed crystal lattice structure, a huge 1344 sq. foot/gram surface area and a safe and pleasant non-abrasive pH of 8.3, slightly above your body’s natural pH. TERRAMIN is ideally suited to work in today’s environment, providing mineral nutrients no longer found in our food sources and with the right properties for a pharmaceutical grade edible clay.

terramin chart

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