Recommended by California Earth Minerals and Discriminating Edible Clay Advocates

Detoxification–TERRAMIN® is the ideal natural supplement to assist in the removal of toxins, heavy metals and pathogens. TERRAMIN aids in the natural bodily functions of cellular and systemic removal of toxins. TERRAMIN’s contribution of adding minerals to vital filtering organs in our body, the liver, kidneys, appendix, pancreas, spleen while promoting digestive tract health is one of its greatest health benefits. The benefits we receive from colon cleansing cannot be understated. Additionally, this 100% natural product aids in strengthening blood cells, veins and vessels by providing the vital mineral nutrients everyone’s organs need to function optimally.

used for all body organs

Source of macro, micro and trace minerals–TERRAMIN has an immense payload of over 50 mineral nutrients. This unique ratio of minerals is a function of TERRAMIN’s unique creation of volcanic action, hydraulic river action and pyrogenesis. The fact that TERRAMIN was created by all three of these natural actions makes it one of the rarest forms of Premium Montmorillonite clay. Most clays are NOT created using all three special natural forces , thus they are lacking in the special energy that TERRAMIN delivers in every dose. The forces of the Earth that created TERRAMIN occurred millions of years ago and there will never be another product equal to TERRMIN in every way. It is very rare and indeed very special. Try it for yourself and you be the judge. You decide. Find a local dealer.

Volcanic Action
Volcanic Action
Hydraulic River Action
Hydraulic River Action
Pyrogenesis Action
Pyrogenesis Action

used for whole body

Increased Bone Density: This benefit was demonstrated in the only study of clay for use by Astronauts ever commissioned by N.A.S.A. The famed N.A.S.A. clay study was ordered after Dr. Paul LaChance from N.A.S.A. learned of the rare and unique structure of clay from the mine source where TERRAMIN was born. TERRAMIN is the only clay ever to be tested by N.A.S.A. This is due to the unique properties and energy of the deposit where TERRAMIN was mined.

Joint Pain : Highly absorbent calcium and many other micro and trace minerals helps the body contribute to a smoother joint reaction, lessening joint pain.

Improves Digestive Health : When a body receives a proper level of vitamins, mineral nutrients in combination with good dietary practices and a sound exercise program, digestion is seldom an issue.TERRAMIN’S natural minerals help in the area of weight control, increasing energy and stamina and promotes mental clarity.

Arthritic pain : TERRAMIN has in excess of 230 mg of highly absorbent calcium in every recommended dose. The addition of calcium, magnesium, and silica oxides add to the relief of arthritic pain. We have reports from users that relate how arthritic pain, suffered for years, is substantially eased and virtually removed by taking TERRAMIN daily.

Strengthens Immune Systems : Each cell in our body is surrounded by a silica protective layer. The silic a oxide in TERRAMIN adds to this protective layer surrounding our cells and strengthens them against invading viruses , pathogens and disease causing bacteria.


Anti-bacterial : TERRAMIN’s micron sized molecular particle size and its negative ionic charge causes an opposite polarity attraction to bacteria that carry an ionic positive charge. Most bad bacteria carries a positive ionic charge and these bacteria hinder a body’s normal actions. Once the positive attraction occurs, TERRAMIN’s micron sized particles will surround the bacteria and prevent if form feeding. Once this bacteria is weakened or killed by starvation, it is eliminated through detoxification filters and eliminated from the body.


Whitens Teeth : Whether it is due to the highly absorbent calcium in TERRAMIN or its anti-bacterial nature,one mystical reaction of a consistent use of TERRAMIN is whitening of teeth. This is quickly noticed if a bit of the water and TERRAMIN powder mixture is sloshed around the mouth as one does with mouthwash. It is ok to swallow TERRAMIN after this rinsing action. You will not want to waste one single drop of TERRAMIN once you begin to receive its benefits. This is a true product of Mother Nature and you are receiving the benefit only ancient minerals can deliver.

Strengthens Gums: If pyorrhea or gum bleeding is an issue, you will love how TERRAMIN works to strengthen your gums. Its anti-bacterial nature also works to combat bacteria based halitosis.

terramin for teeth whitening
Colitis and IBS Relief

Colitis and IBS Relief : All human tissue needs a proper balance of health promoting nutrition. The tissue in our digestive tract and in our colons are exposed to all the debris that the body rejects. The waste removal network in our bodies is subject to harsh conditions and the distribution of the complex minerals in TERRAMIN contribute to skin and tissue health. Smectite clays are well known for the benefits to human skin. TERRAMIN’s unique creation provides a rare collection of vital nutrients that combine by chelation to increase skin and tissue strength. The slightly alkaline condition creates a condition that is not a supportive environment for some pretty nasty cell disruptors. Drinking lots of good water helps the mine rals in TERRAMIN to break down even further in the intestines and colon. This combined action contributes significantly to keeping skin and tissue all along the intestinal tract supple, resilient and smooth.

Diarrhea Relief : Diarrhea is typically the body’s adverse reaction to toxins, bacteria or pathogens and in many cases only a temporary reaction. Once the offending cause is removed, the effect subsides. During these times of intestinal distress, the use of TERRAMIN in a stronger than normal dose is recommended. All the qualities of TERRAMIN combine to help lessen the duration and impact of Diarrhea.

Quells Stomach Distress : Prior to a serious attack of Diarrhea, our stomachs signal that it is in distress. It is usually triggered by something, we have eaten. It is conflicting with the normal digestive process and our stomachs will ache, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. The signal of an ache coming from your stomach, treated early with acid reducing products, like TERRAMIN, taken in a larger than normal dose, will substantially reduce or even stop Diarrhea before it begins. Like a fire, if it is caught early enough, it is easy to contain and will not get out of control.Winning a food battle in the stomach will often avoid a long war in the intestines.


Longevity and Well Being : Life is all about the quality of life. Not only in our physical surroundings with a solid roof over our heads, a comfortable bed and lots of love from our Family. Every aspect of our life is affected by one overriding fact: If you don’t have good health, life is not fulfilling. If you suffer from health issues, there is no relief by a nice roof over your head nor is there ever a comfortable bed.

When we learn early to take responsibility for our own well-being, life can truly be fulfilling and enjoyable every moment we live.Throughout the ages , we have learned to Eat well, Drink smartly , Exercise and Rest well. It is a much simpler

life that many of us lead that allows this advice to be easily followed. Processed food, toxic water, overly busy schedules and increased stressors in our lives make it nearly impossible to recreate the simple times in which these healthy dictates were easier to achieve.

Discipline is the child of responsibility. It we learn to make better choices in our food and supplement what main food sources lack, filter our water sources, plan and institute a regular exercise regimen so better rest is assured, a better life is possible. When we take personal responsibility for our health knowing it is our best asset, the recommendations for a healthy life may not be any easier to follow, but we can be more diligent in our efforts to live them. It is up to each of us to insure we do the best we can to support our bodies.

Longevity and Well Being
 improve productively

Most of the problems caused by processed foods are due to what is lacking in their preparation and the toxicity of some of the chemical ingredients. Supplementing a diet with TERRAMIN helps in both areas. It provides many of the missing mineral nutrients and alleviates many of the toxins in processed foods. Drinking well is a world concern and extra discipline is needed to insure we drink the best quality water possible. Exercise is a function of doing, moving, walking and stretching. No gym is necessary, only desire and action. Resting well is a natural function that follows positive actions in the other three recommendations. Better health reduces stress or at least helps us to cope with stress more productively.


TERRAMIN by itself is not the answer to all problems and health concerns. It is only a supplement. Something meant to add to our health tool kits meant to create a better condition. The benefits are many, the risks are miniscule and the affordability is recognized as one of the best values for an effective health aid, available anywhere. Try it for yourself, you be the judge. Never fall into the trap of the greatest ignorance, "Contempt, before Knowledge". TERRAMIN is all natural. It is a safe and effective detoxifier and top quality mineral supplement. Its use for human and animal health began in 1946. TERRAMIN has been studied by more Universities, Scientist and world renowned researchers than any other edible clay on the market today. So much to gain so little to risk, TERRAMIN is the safe and natural way to invest in your health.